Gloucester and Rockport, Ma

This morning at breakfast, the inn keepers suggested that we drive up through Massachusetts and see Concord, Gloucester, and Rockport. They said not only does this give us a great sample of New England foliage, but also Cape Ann is an excellent spot to see the Atlantic.

After getting some maps from Tony (the innkeeper), Flip and I set out on our tour of New England. In talking with Becky, a friend of Flip’s who lives in Bedford, Ma, we decided to wait for Concord and anything around Boston for Tuesday and just drive up to Cape Ann instead. The drive took us up some crazy highways (including the Mass Pike), but what’s neat is in New England highways are totally seperate from the city streets (unlike Texas) and there’s no billboards or any advertisements along the highways. I wish Texas would adopt this…

The first city we hit in Cape Ann was Gloucester, which is where the film Perfect Storm was based from. We took TONS of pics here since it was our first time to see the Atlantic Ocean, plus we ate at an awesome restaurant called Gloucester House Restaurant where I got an excellent Salmon and Flip got what we called Fish Spam since it had TONS of different kinds of fish mixed in a casserole. After this we drove to Rockport, Ma and discovered TONS of neat shops near the water.

After leaving Rockport we started our trek back to the Bed and Breakfast, which was about 2 hours drive. We hit the highway going around Boston right at 5:30pm, so we caught all the traffic.

So now, it’s almost 9pm EST, Flip and I are settled into our room with the fire crackling in the background, and we’re reading-up in travel guides to see what to visit tomorrow.

Also check our camera phone gallery often for pics of everyplace we’ve visited. Luckily our phones are working quite well up here :)


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