Greetings from New England!!!

The wedding was great, and Flip and I can’t thank everyone who helped out enough for making our special day everything we hoped it would be. After we get the pictures developed I’ll create an online photo gallery to share with everyone, but it might be a week or two — so keep watching! Married life is AWESOME, and as the reverend said it’s great to be married to my best friend :)

Flip and I left the reception about 6pm, but we didn’t leave for Austin until about 10pm. We arrived at the Red Roof Inn in Austin about 11:45pm, which only allowed about 4 hours of sleep. Four AM came earlier then we’d hoped, but we got to the airport in plenty of time to make our flight. Being one of the first on the plane we grabbed the front seats whiched gave PLENTY of room.

During the flight, which was 2.5 hours to Chicago then 2 hours to Hartford (stayed on plane in Chicago), I pulled out my laptop and connected the GPS. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to check this out, so here’s the picture of us flying over Oklahoma at 568MPH. WAY COOL!

We landed in Hartford, Ct at 1pm EST (one hour ahead of Waco time), grabbed luggage, and headed to the rental car place where I expected to get just a compact car. The lady at Enterprise asked what brought us to New England, and after saying Honeymoon she gave us a NICE Ford Escape for $5 more a day. Can’t beat that!

When driving to the B&B in Woodstock, Ct we drove through TONS of back roads showing New England’s colors. Check out our camera phone gallery for TONS of pictures during the drive.

The room is AWESOME and the inn keepers are great. Last night we had a wood burning fire, drank warm apple cider, and our room has corner windows overlooking the fall foliage.

Well we’re heading out for the day, but check the camera phone gallery often as we’ll be taking pics all day. Also tonight I’ll upload some more pictures from our digital camera for a better view of New England. This is AWESOME!!!

Oh, one more thing — if anyone has digital pictures from the wedding, can I ask that you email a few to We have some friends up here who would like to share the pictures with, but we didn’t have any before we left.

Thanks again, and see everyone in about a week :)

Sam and Flip — in New England!!
For the nerds, we’re at Lat 41º 57.10 N 72º 02.70 W

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