Honeymoon Change!!

Our honeymoon plans have changed, and we’re both REALLY excited about our new destination — New England!!!

Originally we planned on Galveston, but after Katrina and before Rita we decided to change this to New Braunfels due to the influx of folks in the Houston/Galveston area and also we dreaded the 5 hour drive after the wedding. We had a neat cottage picked out behind a historic bed and breakfast, but after Flip’s venture onto some travel sites she found a great deal flying from Austin to Hartford, Ct.

We’ll be leaving early Sunday morning from Austin (flight leaves at 7am) and we’ll return Thursday evening, which gives us 5 days and 4 nights in New England. Our plans for lodging are still up in the air, but I’m looking at the Blackberry River Inn for possibly two nights and then two nights in the Boston area so we can visit friends in that area. I’d love to head down to NYC and visit some friends of mine, but personally I’m not too eager to drive in that traffic.

While up there I’d love to drive to Warwick, RI and if nothing else get a picture of the TAPS headquarters, plus there’s lots of other things we can check out.


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