Last Day in New England —

Tonight is our last night in New England, and we’re finding it oftly hard to leave. The weather, people, everything is so awesome … but alas back to Waco for us.

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning the B&B inn keepers made us pumpkin and cinnamon pancakes, a baked apple, and sausage for breakfast before we left. The weather up here was CRAZY with the reminents of Wilma, so the entire day was cloudy and rainy. We left Woodstock, Ct and drove up to Bedford, Ma to visit Becky, a friend of Flips, and while there Becky took us to Concord, Ma to see TONS of sites. The coolest thing we visited was the The Old Manse which was the former home of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, plus this is where Emerson wrote Nature and Hawthorne wrote Mosses from an Old Manse.

Tuesday night Becky made fish chowder, which was EXCELLENT. That night we left out for Plymouth in the wind and rain, which wasn’t fun. It took a couple of hours to get there, but we made it fine.

Today (Wednesday) we ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which was WONDERFUL and headed out to see the sites. We visited Plymouth Rock, which is just a big rock, then walked past the Mayflower II. After visiting a few antique shops we found out about a ghost tour they were giving in Plymouth that night at 7:30pm. Since it was only around 1pm we decided to go driving around Cape Cod and to Warwick to see the TAPS headquarters before then.

On our way up Cape Cod we stopped at Sandwich, Ma, which was really a surprise. We went there just because it had a neat name, but we found a really homey town where they did scarecrow contests at the library and had some awesome restaurants and shops. We ate at a ‘tea room’ and Flip and I both had the best hot tea we’ve ever had plus some great food.

After leaving Sandwich we drove to Warwick, RI, and this was our first visit to the smallest state in the US. I didn’t have an exact address for TAPS, but I read it was in downtown and once that was found TAPS was easy to spot. Well, Warwick was HUGE — and after driving around for over an hour we gave up and headed back to Plymouth. Bummer was we made it back 10 minutes too late for our ghost tour, so this kinda bunked our night. We did walk downtown and ate dinner at a small restaurant (about 45 minutes ago).

Now we’re settling down for our last night in New England, but we vowed to each other that if no kiddos are around by this time next year we might try to come back.

So farwell from New England, and this time tomorrow we’ll be almost to Texas (flight arrives like 9pm CST tomorrow).

Sam and Flip

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