“Thank you for calling…”

Not much to report from the windy city of Waco, TX. GOOD GRIEF! We need more rain and less wind! That or either I’m buying stock in Kleenex because the pollen here is out of control and everyone is sneezing his or her noses!

Other than that Sam and I are flying steady this past weekend and week. The house is shaping up with the move of furniture all around the house and the living room has never looked better! School starts back up for me next week so sadly…sniff…sniff…no more full free time for me. No worries though, I won’t let that stop me from living life as usual (work, school, work, school, Sammy, family, sleep, eat, work, school…). For those keeping score I FINALLY graduate in Spring 2007 and we will be having the BIGGEST party ever to celebrate! Well…I better put a disclaimer on that graduation date, Spring 2007 unless there is a little Flippy or Sammy in the oven and I can’t fit into a desk. :)

Oh ya…keep checking out our photo section this week for updates. Sam has been trying to put pictures of Dave and Rhonda’s wedding from December in our photo gallery but is having some complications. Hopefully we’ll get those up asap. Did I mention it was a John Deere wedding? TOO COOL! It really was a GREAT day!

Oh ya! Any Battlestar Galactica fans out there? Sam and I don’t have a whole lot of time for tv BUT we do have a few shows that we sit down for and the premiere to the second half of the season last Friday was AWESOME!

Have a great week everyone!

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