I’m not your dancing monkey!

All is well here in Waco…errr….Lorena I mean :)

Let’s see…Ba’s B Day was a blast!
-John’s B Day was fun!
-Rhonda’s B Day celebration is this Sunday!
-Congrats to Donna and Jim on their 8th anniv!
-Katy’s BDay celebration will be at the our place this Saturday WELCOME to all ye who head our way for the festivities!
-SuperBowl party and Roberto’s is Sunday.
-Congrats to John and Jamie for making that next step!
-Peanut has decided to keep it’s identity a secret!
-Battlestar keeps getting better and better!
-Awesome running into Joe and Jeanne at Johnny’s Place (ohhhhh breakfast buffet-YEAH…is it sad that I got excited over that?)
-WHO HOO to me and Sammy as Feb. 16th we will be basking in being off!
-Congrats to Ruby(the basset hound) and her upcoming day at the spa! (What’s wrong with this picture because I don’t even get a day at the spa!)
-Looking forward to the North Texas Irish Festival for Sammy’s ahem…30th B Day!
-Also looking forward to Sam and I heading to Florida in March.

Alrighty…I’m off to beddy bye time because I AIN’T STUDYING NO MORE TONIGHT! BLAH!

Love to all…Flippy