Getting there…

Well, we had our 28 week check up today and all is well!

My BP is still holding good and Willow is as active as ever. What is funny is that the Dr. had a heck of a time getting Willow to hold still to measure her heartbeat. Every time the Doc would find the heartbeat Willow would jump to the left or right. We ended up getting a quick ultrasound to see if the heartbeat could be measured in that way. Again, once the doctor got Willow to hold still she would jump around. Finally after about 10 minutes the Doc got a good enough reading and all is normal. What was even better was that we had a chance to see our little girl again. The Doc even took the time to show us her outline and where the heart was beating.

The whole thing was just awesome!

Slowly Sam and I are getting the nursery together. We found a crib set but have to drive to Austin to get it. Once it’s all done we’ll post pictures.

More baby news later…thanks for tuning in!


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