36 Days…

Yes folks…only 36 days till Baby Willow arrives into the world. Well…at least until our current expected due date. :)

With time dwindling the nursery is almost done and Sam and I are as ready as we can get. We will post pictures as soon as it’s all finished, which should be in a week or so.

Everything has been going well, medically speaking, and on our next appointment in a couple of weeks we will know if our due date is accurate.

It’s crazy to believe that in a month we’ll both be parents…*grin.

On a different note, Sam’s new job is going well and mine is rocking along. I plan on working till I can’t any more however, I have to admit…I’m ready for a break.

Thanks to everyone for our good tidings with baby and baby gifts! More news to come soon!

Love to all…

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