Sleepless Nights

To bring everyone up to speed I should probably begin with what happened the Saturday after Willow was born. On that Saturday Sam ended up being hit with a nasty Viral infection. Since his body was already dragging from lack of sleep due to our hospital stay and a new baby he ended up being taken to the ER by our step dad, Jim. Then about 2 hours after Sam left for the hospital his mom, who had been staying with us, started throwing up as well and came down with the nasty bug too. It was 2 AM but I didn’t want to stay in the house for fear of me or Willow getting sick so we ended up going to John and Jamie’s (my brother and girlfriends house) for a few hours until we decided what to do next. A few hours later Sam was released from the hospital after his fluids were replenished then we found out that I couldn’t return home till 24 hours after his fever broke, which ended up being Tuesday morning. Willow and I ended up staying 3 days with Dave and Rhonda and even though it was a good stay we were SO glad to make it back home. Sam’s step dad ALSO go the bug AND his sister, who was SO sweet to come clean our house to kill the germs, also got sick the following week. From what I am hearing this nasty infection is going around town but thankfully for this week it has steered clear from the Alexander household.

Fast forward to this week and we had Willow’s 2 week check up. All is well and pleasantly for the doc and nurse staff Willow slept through the whole darn thing! This week Sam and I have been settling into..well..not a routine per say since our life revolves around baby girl and her inconsistancies with eating, sleeping, and needing to be changed but setteling into life with Willow. :) We have had sleepless nights as many new parents go through but ya know…it’s all worth it! She is a jewel and we love having her in our life!

For those fans of the show Heroes you should get a kick out of this picture. Every time Baby Willow throws her hands up we think of the popular scene from Heroes when one of the characters Hiro teleports for the first time successfully to New York. It cracks us up! BTW-The new seaso of Heroes starts next Monday…WHO HOO!

“Labor” Day…

Well folks…the greatest thig has happened! Willow Marie Alexander was born 9/4/07 at 12:59 AM. She weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs. and 10 oz.s and was 21 1/2 inches long. WOW!

It all started on Sunday morning when I started throwing up every 2 hours. The OB on call prescribed something to settle my stomach but the damage had been done and I became overly dehydrated. The effect of this was my water breaking around 1o:30AM last Monday. That’s right…I went into labor on Labor Day…hehe.

Anyways..sevvvvvveral hours later Willow was born with me and Sam exhausted from a long day of hard labor. I have to say that I don’t think I will ever forget the pain BUT must conclude by mentioning that it was all well worth it. You see, Willow is simply the most precious thing I have ever encountered in my life.

We will post better pictures on the site soon but until then click on the link below to see the various pictures we are posting through our camera phone.

-Proud Mama Flippy