Poop…there it is!

I know you are wondering what in the world the title of this entry is all about. The suspence is killin ya, isn’t it? More on that later. Let me catch you up on our lives these past couple of months.

Let’s see…

As our doctor predicted in March, after her nasty month of sickness, Willow got another cold at the end of May. It lingered until a virus decided to set up camp in her lungs. She ended up with Bronchitis (the infant’s form) and still has the rattle in her chest. Since the doctor feels that she has Asthma he warned us that any time she gets even a minor cold the cough and crud will linger for weeks. Poor baby! My worry is the reoccurring fever. Even as I write this blog she had a low grade fever spike in the middle of the night and I am taking her temp every diaper change just to make sure it doesn’t come back. Whenever she has a spike there always seems to be a 102 fever lurking just hours away.

Other than her little sickness she is WONDERFUL! She is pulling up on everything, even her crib and that little mischievous personality is starting to show up when you least expect it. The other day Sam and I watched all the video footage we have taken of her since birth. I know that every parent must say this but it is just amazing that, even at almost 11 pounds, she was so small! Now she is 27 inches long and 23 pounds. This is on the higher end of the spectrum but a higher norm. We think she is going to get Sam’s height.

In May Sam, Willow, and I got to go see my dad and step mom in Oklahoma.

This was the weekend of Mother’s day. On the way back I started not to feel so well, which ended up being a viral infection (’Happy 1st Mom’s Day!”). Throwing up my guts from the viral craziness resulted in my also getting a nasty sinus infection. I have been through this twice in the past 6 months, more than normal, and this time was the worst. Each time I made it through with flying colors carrying the badge of no medication, since I was breastfeeding. With deep consideration, loosing work days, and knowing that Willow had started to wean already Sam and I made the decision to stop breastfeeding. I say Sam and I because literally everything we do for Willow is 50/50. If Willow wakes up in the middle of the night Sam and I trade off on who gets the bottle ready and who changes the diaper. If Willow needs to be bathes Sam does his part, while I do mine. So, with Willow fully weaned I proceeded to let my eating habits go to crap and gained back the 10 lbs. that I lost earlier this year. …but it was a fun 10 lbs! Now I am getting back to it, ladies and gentleman.

Other than that I am only 2 classes away from my degree. This summer I am taking B Law II on Wednesday nights from 8-10 and YES it is torture! Our professor is a judge out of Belton and he LOVES to talk. Wish me luck!

So who could forget about Sammy? He is doing well..well…actually he came down with a bug over the last day. I took care of Willow last night so that he could get his strength back. The job is going well. The Linux group is also going well. They even had a cookout at Cameron Park at the end of May. Willow and I tried to attend but the heat drove us away. He is trying hard to get our pool up for the summer but life’s little things keep jumping in the way. Sam…quite simply…is awesome!

Other than the current sickness he is going great!

Ruby had a non cancer growth cut out of her right thigh this past week. She was under Doctor’s ordered to stay inside for 2 weeks and we tried it, as we have done with her past 2 surgeries. However, this time was too much with Willow so we decided to board Ruby for the next week with our vet. It was a hard decision to make becuse we love our Ruby.

Other than that we have had a chance to go to Georgetown to visit with Sam’s side of the family and visited our friends in Austin. Also, John and Jamie got married on the Disney cruise, CONGRATS! However, I haven’t heard from my other undercover brother, ‘Bro’. I have absolutely no idea what he is up to these days but if I know him, it is something daring and exciting. Sam’s family is doing well. David is on the road, Rhonda is working hard and enjoying the summer off of RN school, Robin-Adam and the kids are enjoying the summer, and the parents are rockin along. Plus we are in the middle of bring our kitchen from the 70’s to the 2008’s as time and $ permit.

Did I fill you in on everything? OH! The poop! With Willow’s 9 month check up she went through the ordeal of getting blood drawn to check iron and lead levels. No immunization’s at this time! She is a little anemic and with such a condition we were told to just increase her Rice intake from 1 bottle to 2 bottles a day. With her growing and hunger needs changing we also added another veggie feeding in the day AND we started her on #3 meats. All of these changes meant more poop! So on Wednesday it happened. I was out walking Ruby and Sam went in to check on Willow. There she was…in her crib….covered in poop and with a large amount, from what Sam says, cupped in each hand. From what I hear, this is a parent’s right of passage. ‘Welcome to parenthood!”

Hope your summer is rockin along and sorry for the long update.


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