Hello everyone!

I know, I know…we haven’t updated our blog in how long? Uhg!

Well let’s see. Sam and I are doing well but honestly…I know you don’t want to hear about us…Baby Willow is the big show! :)

Willow has started…uhhh….well…grunting her needs at us. What does Willow want for breakfast? Does she want to play in her room or the living room? Where’s daddy? How was her day at daycare? It doesn’t matter. To her she is probably telling us a whirl wind of a story but to us…we just hear this haggered grunt. I am hopeful that this is just a short phase on her way to making actual words.

In other Willow news she has started to try to walk and we figure will be there before we know it. Plus I just got a call from daycare saying that she would be moving up to the next room in just another couple of weeks. AWESOME!

On the medical front…
It is no secret that Willow has allergy problems that has caused us $$$ this year in Doctor visits/ER outings/Medication costs. She is now on Pulmicort as a breathing treatment. This is small dosage of steroid in a breathing treatment twice a day. We have given her other breathing treatments before but this one is special. You can’t get it in her eyes because there have been no studies that clear it from causing harm to one’s eyes. Now, how do you explain to a 10 month old that she has to bite down on this mouth piece, which is attached to a loud machine for 10 minutes straight? You can’t…Sam and I tried! It’s an interesting tale twice a day at the Alexander’s house trying to get Willow to comply. A tale of either Dora the Explorer (we really didn’t plan on Willow watching TV this young) or the mamma/daddy show of entertainment. GOOD STUFF!

One good thing about the Pulmicort is that Willow’s wheezing is more isolated now. This has helped us to identify that our carpet may be contributing to her breathing problems. To help solve this we are taking our carpet out and installing wood floors. Should be fun! In looking at flooring types we went to Austin on Saturday to visit Lumber Liquidator’s. On the way there we had the chance to meet some of our Austin Friends (Hey guys!) at Red Robin. To our surprise little Ms. Willow ate a large part of a grilled turkey patty PLUS the bun. I tell ya one thing…that girl can EAT! She is a true Alexander/Hitchcock original!

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