A Year Ago…

Let’s see…a year ago Sam and I were knee deep in labor. I can’t believe that a year has passed so quickly! For those of you who are wondering…yes….I still remember the pain BUT I can honestly say that it was worth it.

Willow will be 1 tomorrow and she is a walking and talking up a storm. Oh! How she makes me laugh! On Monday we went to the Mayborn Museum in Waco for an extra credit assignment for my Geology class. Sam and I were looking everywhere for her a clean pair of socks (yes….we are WAY behind on laundry!). I suppose we were taking too long to get ready because there Willow was…standing in the kitchen…leaned forward with her arms stretched straight and pushing backwards at her sides…yelling at me in her own slobber slurred language. I was in the laundry room looking through the pile of clean Willow clothes in a basket and just stopped. OMG! Willow is a person! She started to walk from here to there continuing to yell at me. LOL! It was a surreal moment. Our baby is growing up, but she will ALWAYS be our baby.

To review the past year here are a few observations…I am sure there are more but at least below are a few to get started…

A year ago Sam and I…
did not realize how much we could function on 2 hours of sleep.
did not know our hearts could exist outside of our physical bodies.
did not realize the true meaning of time.
were never referred to as Mama and Dada.
never spent a night driving aimlessly through out Waco.
never thought about sharp corners of our furniture or how hot the stove truly got.
never found ourselves a puppet of instinct.
never packed the trunk of our car full for an over-night stay away from home.
never took as many pictures as we do now of our life.
had about $1,000-$1500 more in our bank account every month.
never unintentionally got behind on laundry.
always had time for emailing or calling friends and family.
never consistently ate by 7PM at the dinner table.


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