Quick Thoughts

ya…ya…I know it’s been a couple of months since my last posting. My time has been busy split between work, studying, Willow, Sam, the house, and all the other little tid bits life throws at you. After December 13th I should be able to post away for you all. What happens on December 13th? GRADUATION! WHO HOO! I am not sending out official announcements but will be emailing out something to highlight this event in my life.

As a recap of the past 2 months…
*Wilsey (as her Uncle John calls her) is growing like a weed!
*Bro-Bro (Arthur) had a BDay (I think this officially make him “old” :) )
*Sam is working at a different post with the same company and loves the new challenge.
*We went to Maker-fair in Austin and LOVED it!
*We have NOT done ANYTHING else with the kitchen but still have loads to do. BLAH! Anyone out there have any free time?
*Willow had a blast at Halloween as a Dallas Cowboy and Lorena Leopard Cheerleader. (I will post a pic or two soon!)
*We are going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to see my dad.
*Tonight Sam and I are going to see the ABBA (ncle Dave, Aunt Rhonda, and Aunt Robin will we looking after Willow) show with the Waco Symphony-should be innnnteresting!
*Obama won! WHO HOO!

I know that more has happened but will leave you for now to get to work!
Love to all!

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