36 Days…

Yes folks…only 36 days till Baby Willow arrives into the world. Well…at least until our current expected due date. :)

With time dwindling the nursery is almost done and Sam and I are as ready as we can get. We will post pictures as soon as it’s all finished, which should be in a week or so.

Everything has been going well, medically speaking, and on our next appointment in a couple of weeks we will know if our due date is accurate.

It’s crazy to believe that in a month we’ll both be parents…*grin.

On a different note, Sam’s new job is going well and mine is rocking along. I plan on working till I can’t any more however, I have to admit…I’m ready for a break.

Thanks to everyone for our good tidings with baby and baby gifts! More news to come soon!

Love to all…

Last day at Hillcrest

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted anything to the website, but this event is a biggie and one I’d like to share with everyone.

Right after graduating from TSTC in 1998 I was lucky enough to get on at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco as a Help Desk tech… December 1998 to be exact. Since working here, I’ve had the pleasure to work with MANY great people, all of which have become very close friends over the years… a true family. I started moving up the ranks, and now almost 9 years later I’ve been a Help Desk Tech, PC Tech, DBA, and Webmaster.

As all great things do, my time at Hillcrest has come to an end. It was a VERY hard decision, but to some degree it’s a decision actually prompted by Hillcrest. Beginning June 2007 Hillcrest brought in a management firm called CHC to help oversee the hospital since we lost our CEO earlier this year, and the first thing they did was cut several top executives.

Any cuts gives employees the heebie-jeebies, but it wasn’t until directors started getting word that they had to also cut X number of people that we all knew it was for real. Even though the head of Hillcrest’s board told the Waco paper these cuts were rumors, with a family and baby on the way, I had to be proactive. I started getting resumes out early June to make sure I could secure something for that ‘just in case’ scenario.

In my job searching, I found several prospects, one of which being with First City Financial. A good friend of mine, John Kramolis, went over there after Hillcrest let him go during a lay-off about 4 years ago, and he told me of a Microsoft .Net programming position they had open. Well I applied, interviewed, and they made me an awesome offer.

It took some time to decide one way or another because honestly I love what I do at Hillcrest and enjoy working with everyone up here… but with lay-offs it seems every 3 or so years, stability was a key issue.

Before final word from FC came through, the day hit. Tuesday, June 26th. One by one co-workers were called into their managers offices and given the news that was their last day, and after all was done, over 70 people had been cut. I wasn’t one, but many of my closest friends were now jobless. The Waco Trib posted two articles about this – article one and article two. The next day I got final word from FC that the job was mine if I wanted it, and I accepted, putting in my two weeks notice on Friday, June 29th.

In my almost 9 years of working at Hillcrest, I had never interviewed for another job because I love working here. I still love working here… but I honestly don’t know what this place will look like in 2-3 years. This was a decision I had to make both for my family and also for my professional career. Microsoft .Net is where it’s going now’days, and having this chance to learn it is a wonderful opportunity. Also, I look forward to working with John again and the other guys at First City. I’ve met everyone on the technical side, and they seem like a great group of guys… Hopefully my geekiness will fit in [grin].

As for today, it’s the eve of my last day at Hillcrest. I’ve spent much of this week going through the 9 years of crap I’ve collected in my office, and it’s definitely weird. I found Christmas gifts from years past, notes from co-workers and family members who are no longer here, even a wedding invitation, which I’m now scratching my head wondering if it was meant for someone. Woops… As I choose what comes home and gets thrown away, it’s obvious this has been my home with family all around, and tomorrow will be tough walking out those double-doors and getting into that elevator for the last time. Hopefully they’ll keep me on part-time, so I’ll still be around in some capacity, but it won’t be the same.

This is definitely a new chapter in that great book of life, and I’m anxious to see what lies ahead. I know it’ll be different, something better, some things worse, but I do know it’ll be fun none the less.

– Sam

Getting there…

Well, we had our 28 week check up today and all is well!

My BP is still holding good and Willow is as active as ever. What is funny is that the Dr. had a heck of a time getting Willow to hold still to measure her heartbeat. Every time the Doc would find the heartbeat Willow would jump to the left or right. We ended up getting a quick ultrasound to see if the heartbeat could be measured in that way. Again, once the doctor got Willow to hold still she would jump around. Finally after about 10 minutes the Doc got a good enough reading and all is normal. What was even better was that we had a chance to see our little girl again. The Doc even took the time to show us her outline and where the heart was beating.

The whole thing was just awesome!

Slowly Sam and I are getting the nursery together. We found a crib set but have to drive to Austin to get it. Once it’s all done we’ll post pictures.

More baby news later…thanks for tuning in!


I’m not your dancing monkey!

All is well here in Waco…errr….Lorena I mean :)

Let’s see…Ba’s B Day was a blast!
-John’s B Day was fun!
-Rhonda’s B Day celebration is this Sunday!
-Congrats to Donna and Jim on their 8th anniv!
-Katy’s BDay celebration will be at the our place this Saturday WELCOME to all ye who head our way for the festivities!
-SuperBowl party and Roberto’s is Sunday.
-Congrats to John and Jamie for making that next step!
-Peanut has decided to keep it’s identity a secret!
-Battlestar keeps getting better and better!
-Awesome running into Joe and Jeanne at Johnny’s Place (ohhhhh breakfast buffet-YEAH…is it sad that I got excited over that?)
-WHO HOO to me and Sammy as Feb. 16th we will be basking in being off!
-Congrats to Ruby(the basset hound) and her upcoming day at the spa! (What’s wrong with this picture because I don’t even get a day at the spa!)
-Looking forward to the North Texas Irish Festival for Sammy’s ahem…30th B Day!
-Also looking forward to Sam and I heading to Florida in March.

Alrighty…I’m off to beddy bye time because I AIN’T STUDYING NO MORE TONIGHT! BLAH!

Love to all…Flippy

“Thank you for calling…”

Not much to report from the windy city of Waco, TX. GOOD GRIEF! We need more rain and less wind! That or either I’m buying stock in Kleenex because the pollen here is out of control and everyone is sneezing his or her noses!

Other than that Sam and I are flying steady this past weekend and week. The house is shaping up with the move of furniture all around the house and the living room has never looked better! School starts back up for me next week so sadly…sniff…sniff…no more full free time for me. No worries though, I won’t let that stop me from living life as usual (work, school, work, school, Sammy, family, sleep, eat, work, school…). For those keeping score I FINALLY graduate in Spring 2007 and we will be having the BIGGEST party ever to celebrate! Well…I better put a disclaimer on that graduation date, Spring 2007 unless there is a little Flippy or Sammy in the oven and I can’t fit into a desk. :)

Oh ya…keep checking out our photo section this week for updates. Sam has been trying to put pictures of Dave and Rhonda’s wedding from December in our photo gallery but is having some complications. Hopefully we’ll get those up asap. Did I mention it was a John Deere wedding? TOO COOL! It really was a GREAT day!

Oh ya! Any Battlestar Galactica fans out there? Sam and I don’t have a whole lot of time for tv BUT we do have a few shows that we sit down for and the premiere to the second half of the season last Friday was AWESOME!

Have a great week everyone!

Ahhhh Christmas time!

Let’s see…Friday night Sam and I along with friends (John, Jamie, Jose, April, and Peanut) traveled to Austin to check out the Trail of Lights. It’s a free event given by the city of Austin that lasts through most of the month of December at Zilker Park. Sam describes the Trail of Lights as if it’s a BIG light parade but instead of the floats moving along the trail…the people do. After the light show we all went to Hooters for some famous wings.

Saturday Sam and I had the chance to eat breakfast with two of his friends, Chris and Laura. We hope they had a safe journey flying on Christmas Eve. That evening we spent a fabulous time at Sam’s dad and stepmom’s (Joe and Jeanne). AWESOME chilli and PLENTY of sweets filled our bellies. We had a WONDERFUL time!

Christmas day started out at Donna and Jim’s (Sam’s mom and stepdad). We had a yule tide breakfast complete with wheat waffles and fixins. Afterwwards, Sam and I had a quiet visit at our grand mother’s burial sites. We dropped off flowers and remembered the ladies that will be in our hearts forever. Sunday night the family was welcomed to come over for the complete Christmas dinner. It was great having everyone here and hope that all enjoyed a festive time!

All-in=all our first Christmas as Flip and Sam Alexander was more than we could of hoped for! We hope all had a wonderful holiday!

It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

It’s 20 days until Christmas, and the weather has finally started to turn more winter-like. Saturday it was almost 90′F and now it’s in the 30’s … that’s Texas for ya :)

This weekend Flip and I decorated the outside of our house, and it looks AWESOME! I’ve never decorated to this magnitude, and it’s really neat. We hope to add more lights this week, but what we have would make Clark Griswold himself proud. We plan on adding more and more each year… Here’s a picture I took with my camera phone last night. It doesn’t show much, but that’s a taste of what we setup.

We also attended the Axtell Christmas Parade, and my mom, step-dad, niece, and nephew got to got to ride on the firetruck with my brother driving. Flip and I missed the Lorena Christmas Parade, but this more then made-up for it. Too fun!

Well that’s it for now. For those who know where the house is, drive by and check out the lights. Several folks on our street have their house decorated, so it’s a neat show.

Take care –


Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, family, and anyone else who stumbles upon this message. Flip and I are heading to my mom’s house for dinner, and we’re bringing the main course — yup, I’m cooking a turkey from scratch!!! We got some great instructions from Flip’s dad plus the Internet, and thus far the bird has been in the oven for 2.5 hours and smells wonderful! Here’s a pic of the turkey. 16 pounder!!!

After my mom’s we’re driving to my dad’s for a bit then back home to meet-up with Jamie and John. The only *blah* thing about today is the weather… the high today is like 78′F. It’s not exactly Fall weather, but that’s Texas for ya.

Hope everyone has a great turkey day, and eat plenty of turkey!!!

Sam and Flip

Ohhhh Harry Potter

Debbie, Sam, and I just got back from Dallas seeing Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire and it was AWESOME! We went to Dallas so that we could experience the film in IMAX and let me tell ya…it was worth driving the extra miles. If you are a Harry Potter fan of any kind (book, films, or book and films) I can’t wait for you to see this one!

Three more days until turkey day and I can’t wait. Sam and I will start out the day at his dads, then head to his moms. Actualllly, this will be Sam’s first attempt at cooking a turkey…YOU GO SAMMY! hehe

We hope EVERYONE a safe, happy, and FUN Thanksgiving! We love you all!